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Summer 2015


Dinos on the rampage at Eden this summer

Dinosaurs are roaring back to the Eden Project this summer (July 24 to September 2) with a whole new programme of prehistoric mayhem.

Dinosaur Uproar is the hotly-anticipated follow-up to last summer's acclaimed Dinosaurs Unleashed season.

The 2015 season features five times as many dinosaurs as last year, including a giant Australovenator that will be regularly rampaging across the Eden site.

The clocks will once again be wound back 67 million years to the Cretaceous period but this time a whole range of dinosaurs will take over at Eden, from babies to one of the largest carnivorous beasts.

Intrepid Eden visitors will be able to trek through Cretaceous caverns on an adventure to meet all manner of rampaging reptiles. They can dive into a spectacular underwater scene, marvel at the sight of a life-size dinosaur skeleton and test their skills and knowledge to survive.